It saddens my heart  that we as Africans have lost our identity to the western culture ,loving and believe  everything western is appropriate and timeless . Exploring other countries  while our country is left in despair .

For a while i have been having thoughts of creating high fashion editorials to promote our uniquely antique ancient places that were built during the colonial rule . After my talk in Winneba , we decided to make a quick tour edito in Winneba , There , i went numb for a minute with the sight that be held me . Well-crafted aged builds built during the colonial days which are still in existence and in use …i may not have the ample time to explore the other intriguing locations but winneba see you …

Lets explore and appreciate what we have to find a way to tell these stories . No place like home .


“We’re given a choice in our lives, to make things better, or worse, or merely endure like sheep. I choose to make things better, as much as I can.”


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