I have been a road user of Togo to other African countries but not a single visit to the country  . We arrived in Togo mid-Day to catch up with an exposition of African fashion and art organized by Akouvi. Speaking  the French language with the natives wasn’t quiet difficult for us but getting to Our destination was a bit hectic 

Sooner , we arrived at the venue where we were privileged to meet some top notch fashion talents from Togo , Benin and Congo and Nigeria which led us into a great thought provoking discussion about the fashion industry as a whole .

Night Came and it’s Morning Already ! We have to embark on our journey OF  seeing Lome in less than 3hrs Yes 3hrs . It was beautiful in the Morning. The Harmattan winds never spared us a moment with the moist wind .

With Such a calm and cozy environment, I decided to opt for Something Casual yet stylish A Turtle neck t-shirt And Navy Green Pants With outer pockets I Picked from Uprising street wear brand HOUSE OF OATH and a sandals x Hat to compliment the look.

I must acknowledge my Travel wife @chriskata for these amazing moments captured

Outfit by @HOUSE OF OATH

Photo credit @chriskata

Retouch @60seconds_photography

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